Fr. Jim’s Weekly Jottings


Fr. Jim’s Jottings

Parish Financial Statement Notes

We are publishing the first half year of our financial status for the parish today and will give a more thorough report at the end of the full year. But we want to first of all thank you for your support of the parish during these day of financial struggle and pandemic. We have seen a decrease in income, and we have more than matched that by balancing decreases in expenses. I want to simply make some comments on what has happened these past months and on what will be happening these next six months.


  • Our budget developed back in April was based on a gradual return of people to church in the Fall which has not happened. So, we did not meet the budget and so we made cuts and delays in expenses. As the new half year starts though our expenses will be rising an so we will need to see a rise in income especially through Offertory giving.
  • Usually during the second half of the year we have our major fundraising event of Mardi Gras which have been cancelled because of COVID. We hope to see this event return in 2022 and we will have some smaller fundraising events.


  • Personnel Costs for Clergy and Staff have always been the most significant part of our budget expenses. This year we have cut those cost significantly from 67% of our budget to the current 55% of budget. This was achieved by not replacing some personnel primarily and current staff taking a reduction in pay or a hold on their salaries. That is the good news. However, we have had a hold on clergy expenses as Fr. Sunny has not yet received his renewal of a religious worker visa and so has not had a formal appointment as a fulltime member of staff. His application has taken over 10 months to be addressed but we expect a positive answer within weeks. That means he will then receive health care from the parish, a fulltime salary and other benefits that are due. This will raise our cost but will also lower the La Salette support that he has received from the Province to the parish.
  • Most other areas are being held stable or at reduced rates.

Semi Annual Financial Report (July 20 – Dec20)