Fr. Jim’s Weekly Jottings


Fr. Jim’s Jottings

Happy Memorial Day Weekend! Blessings on the Feast of the Holy Trinity!

This weekend we are celebrating the Feat of the Blessed (Holy) Trinity. We remember that we believe in a triune God: Father, Son and Holy Spirit that we profess each week in our Apostles or Nicene Creed. Next weekend we will be celebrating the Feast of Corpus Christi – The Body and Blood of Christ – which we receive, and which transforms us into the Body of Christ. In preparation for the feast, we will have a 40 hours adoration beginning at the end of mass on Thursday morning and concluding with benediction 9at 8:45am) prior to the Saturday morning mass at 9:00am.

Upcoming events:

  • As we look at this year past, we saw many struggles for people and limited opportunities to get together as ministries and social activities and other liturgical gatherings were limited or done in creative ways. Now we are seeing more being planned. We had our parish picnic last Sunday afternoon and almost two hundred people came and shared in the events. Hopefully, we will build the participation in future social events. Thanks to all who came and to all the helpers who made the event a success.
  • Vacation Bible School will be happening in June.
  • We will reinitiate Ministry to the Sick in mid-June.
  • Various ministries have asked to start in-person meetings, and we are coordinating schedules. Any group who wishes to restart meetings must meet with me personally to cover the current COVID-19 procedures and protocols.
  • We will be reviving the Stewardship of Talent Program during the summer and the Stewardship of Time in the early fall.
  • We are reorganizing staff responsibilities this summer and we will try to be more efficient in work product and new activities and possibilities. The smaller formal staff will need the help and support of volunteers through Stewardship of Talent and your generous response.
  • Printed Bulletins are returning to the parish next weekend. They will be distributed only at the end of the liturgy so you can take them home.

The parish calendar is a complicated matter, and we develop it at this time. We begin by formalizing parish programs and their schedules and needs. We then take on the scheduling of parish ministries and groups and the school use of parish building and any possible use of school facilities. This is not a simple process. We then open the possibilities of the use of the facilities for private parishioner use. There are no conditions that have been set by the Diocese and our insurance company and so there are no reservations being taken util at least July 1. We can take your request and give you the regulations, but we are unable to give any absolute confirmations at this time. We would suggest that you look at other facilities for weddings, quincineras, and other gatherings that will be happening until January 1, 2022. The pandemic has restricted our facilities and until the new office complex is built, we will continue to face this crunch. Hopefully, the pandemic end will come soon, and we will be able to deal with to demands better.

This weekend we will have three more First Communion celebrations at the 4:30 pm Mass and we congratulate all who have received Jesus for the first time this month.

We celebrated the Graduation of our Students at Good Shepherd Catholic School last Wednesday Congratulations to our graduates, their parents, families, relatives, and friends, and to our tremendous staff of principal, teachers, administrators, assistants and auxiliary staff who make our school one of excellence. Our best to our graduates who move on to High Schools this August. May the skills you obtained and developed over the years serve as a solid foundation for your future academic endeavors.

This weekend we pray for our departed, especially those who died in the service of the country. May we honor our dead by living well in the common support of one another: through military service, health and emergency services, our police, firefighters and EMT and through all the millions of volunteers who care for our needs throughout the nation. May we always share God’s blessing with each other and may He in turn continue to bless all our efforts for the growth of our nation.