The weekend of 06/28/2020 we are publishing our budget for the 2020-2021 year that begins on July 1. We have made some changes to better balance our budget. We began cutting seriously in November and those cuts have continued through the last months.

    • We reduced staffing, we changed some maintenance and office contract services, we lowered our income expectations especially in the area of Offertory.
    • We have a better handle on ongoing maintenance, and we are slowly recovering our funds to cover emergencies.
    • We cut subsidy to the school as it is more able to deal with costs and has a way forward to repay the loan made to the building project.
    • We have greatly improved our OCA obligations and we are closing in on our goal.
    • Our FTOM Campaign continues to move slowly but steadily; we hope to reach the $1,000,000 mark of funds in the bank for the new office building and parking lot.

Thanks to all who have been doing their best to support our funds and campaigns and the parish in general. We do encourage you to use online giving if you’re not coming to church or for your convenience. We don’t pass the baskets as a precautionary measure, but they are available in the entrance of the church for your donations. As our PPP loan is reaching its end, we will need to see the Offertory grow once again. We have recouped our losses over the last six month and are showing a slight surplus through June, but that will end so. Please try your best to help us meet our expenses.

Budget 2020-2021