Cow Patty Bingo

Cow Bingo





What happens at Cow Patty BINGO?
It’s an awesome event where our parish community comes together to raise money for our youth ministry and watch a cow do its thing! Cow Patty BINGO 2022 is on Saturday May 7th. People are welcome to set up their chairs as early as 9:00am, and most of the action will kick off at 10:00am when the cow arrives. There will be music, games, a petting zoo, and food and beverage. It’s sure to be fun for everyone! Even if you aren’t participating in the BINGO part of the morning, come on down to enjoy the festivities!

A section of the field measuring 40 ft. x 50 ft. will be split into a grid of 2 ft. x 2 ft. squares, like a giant BINGO card. Each square will be randomly labeled with a number from 1 to 500.

I’m a little afraid to ask…but why PATTY?
At 10:00am the guest of honor, a cow, will be led into the designated grid area by a handler and allowed to roam free within the fenced-in giant BINGO card. When the guest of honor deposits its first “cow patty” in the grid, the participant whose square is adorned with the dung is declared the winner of Cow Patty BINGO!

What if it rains on our Cow Patty Parade?
If the cow is still up to it, we plan to livestream the grand prize event on the parish Facebook page! If not, we will resort to a raffle. Come to think of it, we might livestream the cow, rain or shine, just for fun! Look out for that around 11:15 am, and here’s the link to our parish page:

How can I get in on the fun?

  • Squares can be purchased through the ONLINE GIVING by clicking HERE or with an order form along with cash or check that you can get at the Parish Office.
  • Participants have until 4:00pm at the Cow Patty Bingo event on May 6, 2022 to purchase BINGO squares.
  • Square numbers will be assigned to participants and placed in the giant BINGO card at random.
  • Participants do not need to be present to win. Winners not present will be notified and have 30 days to claim prize money. Total prize money is dependent upon how many tickets are sold, and all winners are responsible for all associate fees/taxes associated with the cash prize winning.

Super Duper Official Rules and Regulations for the Event Day:

  • The actual grid on the field will be clearly marked with all squares being of equal shape and size. The grid will also be protected by a barrier. Spectators and participants must not enter the grid or interfere with the progress of the event in any way.
  • If the cow patty lands on more than one square, the official Cow Patty Bingo judges will determine which square received the biggest deposit. The one with the biggest deposit will be the winner.
  • If the cow patty lands on a single square that was not sold, the prize will go to the square closest to the cow patty. Official judges will measure the distance from each adjacent square to the patty.
  • In cases like the ones mentioned above, where official Cow Patty judges must deliberate over patty deposit location, there could be more than one winner. Multiple winners will split the grand prize money. The ultimate decision of the official Cow Patty Bingo judges with respect to the event winner(s) is final.
  • In the event that the cow has not dropped a patty on a square by 12:00pm, the winner will be chosen by raffle.
  • If the weather is deemed unsafe, the winner of the event will be chosen by raffle with all assigned square numbers entered into the raffle.